8th P53 Mutant Workshop & p53 Isoforms

Date(s) - 15 Mai. 2019 - 18 Mai. 2019
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p53 mutant workshopIn partnership with the Cancéropôle CLARA

​The 8th International Mutant p53 Workshop & p53 isoforms brings together leading world researchers and clinicians to discuss how advancing knowledge on the structure, functions and activities of mutant forms of the tumor suppressor p53 impacts on development and cancer.

The workshop will provide a dynamic hub to present and exchange ideas, strengthen existing networks and establish new collaborations. It will showcase recent research on the rapidly emerging impact of mutant p53 on metabolism, epigenome and immune response. The workshop will provide an opportunity to reflect on the treasure of knowledge research on mutant p53 has generated since its discovery 4 decades ago. It will also provide clinicians with an overview of the state-of-the-art regarding the impact of mutant p53 in the clinics, as well as an invaluable opportunity for PhD students and young PostDocs to present their work and discuss their findings with international p53 experts.

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