Appel à projets collaboratifs de R&D Bpifrance – ACCIÓ – 6 septembre 2018

Date de soumission définitive : le 06 septembre 2018

Catalan and French companies will receive financial support to develop R&D cooperation projects. Catalan companies will be funded by ACCIO (the Catalan Agency for Competitiveness) through the International R&D Nuclis Unilateral programme.

French companies will be funded by Bpifrance (the French Public Investment Bank) in charge of financing and developing French companies. Bpifrance will provide access to public funding for cooperation projects in the framework of the Aide pour le développement de l’innovation (ADI) programme. ACCIÓ and Bpifrance will support project partners during project proposal, evaluation and monitoring phase.

If you are a French company interested in a cooperation project with a Catalan company, please contact your local funding agency as soon as possible and before submitting an application.

Submission deadline: September 6, 2018

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