Our actions

The CLARA cancer research cluster is a key player in boosting research at the regional level, with the aim of breaking down institutional and disciplinary barriers and helping to develop core local actions.

To do this, we take scientific action at various levels:

  • Bringing together regional players in cancer research, as well as others more distantly connected to the field, in order to strengthen the multidisciplinary dimension of research and disseminate its results
  • Organizing dedicated scientific events for research teams around unifying scientific themes representative of the region’s key research areas
  • Building synergy at the regional level to help the emergence of research projects
  • Helping to detect core actions and supporting their development at the regional and national levels

In addition to its commitment to working with all research stakeholders to push boundaries and build collaborations, CLARA supports projects by providing services that are structured and developed in line with their needs.

To best meet these needs, six pioneering support programs are offered.

Available to students, researchers, clinicians and entrepreneurs in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes working around cancer, these programs help the organization of scientific events on cancer, support short-term national and international mobility for educational and training opportunities, and fund research projects.

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