INSERM CHAIR Recruitment: New epigenetic molecular targets to understand the mechanism of oncogenesis and develop personalized anticancer therapies

The Inserm chair recruitments opened to Inserm are intended for researchers with strong potential to manage and lead research teams and participate in national, European or international projects.This recruitment, based on research and teaching projects, is aimed at researchers with a doctorate or equivalent and a first post-doctoral experience. The position is offered on a fixed-term contract (CDD) with a view to tenure in the Inserm Research Directors personnel at the end of the contract.

The proposed project will aim at promoting original concepts and approaches for understanding the interactions between the dynamics of the epigenome, cellular metabolism and the cellular and mechanical microenvironment. Specifically, the project will aim at better understanding fundamental molecular and cellular processes that control heterochromatin dynamics and cellular plasticity in normal development and diseases.

Epigenome and the flow of information to and from the genome determine the type, position and precise function of each cell within complex systems of interactions between cells and their environment. The architecture of the epigenome and the activation of transcriptional programs is itself directly dependent on the metabolic and micro-environmental context of the cell. The disruption or alteration of these information
flows are the basis of many pathologies, including cancers, and determine the trajectories of evolution towards resilient forms.

In addition to a solid fundamental component, the project should include a translational dimension (discovery of biomarkers, new therapeutic targets, experimental therapies). Two important criteria are (1) originality
and relevance of the experimental models proposed and effective capacity to implement them; (2) consistency of the project with the strategic themes developed by the departments and teams of the IAB.

Deadline for applications: September 11, 2023

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