5th International Course on Breast Cancer

Date(s) - 03 Oct. 2022 - 07 Oct. 2022
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This 5th edition of the international breast cancer course organized by the Institut Curie offers a comprehensive overview of current topics on clinical and biological aspects of breast cancer. This course brings together internationally renowned experts who will present the latest innovations in the clinical management of breast cancer, on both diagnostic and therapeutic aspects, as well as the latest advances in the understanding of biological mechanisms such as plasticity, tumor heterogeneity or genomics of breast cancer. The focus will be on the latest cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches, including artificial intelligence and single cell analysis. There will also be a focus on luminal B breast cancers, including lobular carcinomas.

The format of the course is designed to encourage exchanges and to allow students to interact with researchers from the Institut Curie and from several international institutes.

The objectives of the 5th edition of the international breast cancer course are:

  • to provide students with an overview of the latest clinical and biological advances in breast cancer
  • to encourage exchanges through student presentations and poster sessions
  • to allow students to reflect on their careers through the « Research in Pharma » and “Publishing your paper” sessions

Registration is free but mandatory. Deadline: July 15, 2022

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