EACR: Tumour Ecosystem: Cellular Interactions and Therapeutic Opportunities

Date(s) - 19 Mar. 2024 - 21 Mar. 2024
Toute la journée

Taking place from March 19-21, 2024 in Bergamo, Italy, this conference is an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn about the most recent advances in multiple aspects of the tumour microenvironment, including the intricate interactions of cancer cells with the immune system and with specific stromal cells in multiple organs. We will also highlight novel insights into tumour-host interactions including changes in metabolism, the nervous system, and response to therapy.

Call for abstracts

Why should I submit an abstract for this conference?

  • Opportunity to get a speaking slot in the core scientific programme: High scoring abstracts will be selected for oral presentation. There will be six 10-minute Proffered Papers and six 3-minute Poster Spotlights.
  • Poster discussion sessions: There will also be two dedicated 90-minute Poster Discussion Sessions within the programme during which poster presenters can discuss their work with other participants and invited speakers.

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Need financial assistance to attend the conference?

  • EACR Travel Grants provide a free registration and support towards travel and accommodation costs for Student and Early Career EACR members, or any researcher in a low or middle-income country.

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