Precision Oncology Summer School: Optimising personalised cancer diagnosis and treatment

Date(s) - 02 Juil. 2023 - 10 Juil. 2023
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En partenariat avec le Cancéropôle CLARA

Advances in precision medicine increasingly allow healthcare providers to provide and plan individualized care for cancer patients. Precision Oncology invites participants to rethink current approaches, methods and models from a global perspective, integrating artificial intelligence and big data derived from medical imaging, genetic testing and measurement of clinical outcomes.

The program comprises four scientific pillars: clinical research; medical physics; biology and gene expression; environment, prediction, prevention. In addition, participants work in groups on cross-cutting innovation projects addressing unmet needs in the areas of prevention, detection and diagnosis, treatment & follow-up.

Precision Oncology gives participants the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone to acquire or strengthen transversal skills and thus be better prepared to interact and collaborate with key players in cancer research and treatment.

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