Altered Taste International Symposium 2022

Date(s) - 01 Juin. 2022
Toute la journée

An interest in food and maintaining the pleasure in eating is important for everyone but essential in fragile populations. Various factors are involved in loss of appetite and loss of motivation to eat among which sensory alterations are particularly important in specific groups. For instance, older adults may have chew or swallow difficulties, cancer and brain injuries may alter smell and taste and lead to a loss of joy in food and eating.

The symposium aims at providing scientific and expert knowledge on underlying mechanisms and the role of sensory knowledge and culinary know-how to increase meal pleasure and thus food intake. Such strategies based on better understanding and enhancing the hedonic value of the eating experience could help against undernourishment and meet the nutritional requirements for targeted populations.

In 2022, the focus of the day will be on the trigeminal sensations: the hotness of chili peppers or mustard, the cooling of menthol, the warmth of cinnamon, the tingling of bubbles … From perception, preference and potential solutions to compensation strategies for altered eating. This symposium brings together scientists, chefs and professionals interested in the topic of altered taste and potential food solutions.


In order to present the most advanced knowledge on the topic, to share expertise and field experience, and identify the challenges to come, we welcome contributions for oral or poster presentations of research studies as well as case studies and practical experiences including (but not limited to):

  • Individual / group specificities: older adults, cancer, brain injury, COVID-19, olfactory dysfunction(s)…
  • Sensory factors: Flavor boosts, modified textures, multimodal integration…
  • Food offer factors: Menu design, choice architecture, portion sizes, dish dressing….
  • Contextual factors: Social interactions, e.g. patients -staff, sound and light room design…
  • Psychosocial factors: Commensality, well-being, pleasure, disgust

Important date

    • January 7th 2022: Abstract submission deadline
    • February 18th 2022: Notification to authors submitted and authors advised of their acceptance
    • March 18th 2022: Closing of early-bird registration
    • May 18th 2022: Closing of registration


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