EACR Conference: Cellular Bases for Patient Response to Cancer Therapies

Date(s) - 14 Nov. 2023 - 16 Nov. 2023
Toute la journée

This conference will delve into the most cutting-edge studies that have revealed novel molecular pathways involved in response to anticancer therapy. It will take place November 14 to 16, in Lyon.

Discover the latest breakthroughs in cancer research! Instead of relying on outdated cell line-based preclinical tests, recent studies have taken a bold new approach by testing conventional chemotherapy and hormone therapy directly on in vivo models and patients. These innovative methods have led to the discovery of previously unknown modes of action and cellular effects that have the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment.

Get ready to hear from a panel of expert speakers who are at the forefront of this exciting research. They will share their insights and visions on how these game-changing discoveries can be utilized to rethink cancer therapies and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about the cutting-edge science that is shaping the future of cancer treatment!

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