EACR Webinar « Spatial transcriptomics and multiomics in cancer research »

Date(s) - 29 Nov. 2023

Wednesday November 29, 2023 | 16:00 CET

From cancer prevention to cancer biology, and for both translational and clinical studies, multiomic spatial biology is proving to be an exceptional tool to answer new questions and accelerate results.

In this webinar, the winner of the Spatial Biology EACR & NanoString Grant program, in collaboration with Illumina, will present their cancer research study as they unravel biological complexity in the immune landscape in brain metastasis using spatial technologies.

In situ spatial transcriptomics, powered by GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler, allows you to decide where to draw the line in choosing the tissue microenvironments and cell types that matter most for your research projects. Allowing the tissue sample to be the guide means it is possible to gather accurate information about spatial relationships among populations of cells, and ultimately uncover novel and effective clinical treatments.

Are you in search of innovative biomarkers, new drug targets, or distinctive gene and protein signatures?

Join this webinar to:

  • Gain perspective on the heterogeneity of immune response and understand how it is impacted by the tumour microenvironment.
  • Obtain new ideas, approaches and lessons learned relating to whole transcriptome spatial analysis as well as spatial multiomics work from recent publications.
  • Learn from your peers how you can get a complete picture of biology at any scale, with multi-analyte profiling, highest plex and spatial context.
  • Discover how you could uncover the next Immuno-Oncology biomarker with the new +570 protein GeoMx® IO Proteome Atlas (IPA).

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