SAVE THE DATES: IRCI 2025 – Immune Responses in Cancer and Infection

Date(s) - 18 Juin. 2025 - 20 Juin. 2025
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In recent years, our expanding understanding of immunity has underscored its pivotal role in combating both cancers and infectious diseases, which stand as the primary causes of global morbidity and mortality. The IRCI meeting is a distinctive forum for presenting recent breakthroughs and fostering dialogue on immune responses in cancer and infections.

This three days event will convene eminent international scientists and clinicians to share their latest immunological insights from both fundamental and clinical research.

By maintaining a limited participant count and keeping registration fees low, our aim is to cultivate robust discussions among field leaders and attendees, thereby advancing and delineating the landscape of immunological research and therapeutic approaches for the future.

IRCI-2025, organized by immunologists from Lyon’s prominent CIRI and CRCL centers, marks its 3rd edition with sessions covering: innate immunity, immuno-metabolism, neuro-immunology, Immune responses in infections, immunotherapy, and vaccination strategies against pathogens and cancers.

It will take place on June 18 to 20, 2025, in Lyon.

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