INSERM CHAIR Recruitment: Development of new statistical methods to study the genetic component of complex diseases beyond association studies

The Inserm chair recruitments opened to Inserm are intended for researchers with strong potential to manage and lead research teams and participate in national, European or international projects. This recruitment, based on research and teaching projects, is aimed at researchers with a doctorate or equivalent and a first post-doctoral experience. The position is offered on a fixed-term contract (CDD) with a view to tenure in the Inserm Research Directors personnel at the end of the contract.

Classical methodologies and analytical strategies used to study the genetic component of complex diseases as cancer have reached their limit to discover new susceptibility variants. So far, methods such as the genotype-restricted likelihood method, maximum likelihood parametric methods or other modified segregation-analysis approaches allow estimation of penetrance of variants (or cumulative risks of developing the disease) in a high risk family context under simplistic transmission models. For more common variants, conferring either a moderate- or low-risk of diseases, strategies such as genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have also reached their limit.

The recruited researcher is expected to propose new analytical methods and strategies to consider the complexity of multifactorial diseases. As example, adequate consideration of environmental and lifestyle factors, such as their variation over time, should make it possible to highlight genetic factors acting differently throughout life and influencing the onset of the disease. This work should not only be based on simulated data but above all on real-life data. Data from studies coordinated by GEC and international data of the consortia to which GEC belongs will be available to develop and validate the methods.

Deadline for applications: September 11, 2023

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